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Customer Testimonials

Teryl McKay - Client

hands down, best nail tech out there! i literally get compliments on my nails every where i go - whether i bring in a picture i like, or i make her come up with something, im always in love when i walk out of the shop. there's no better feeling than when you cant stop staring at your own hands lol

Justine McFadyen - Former Client

I am a former client of Tessa's, and I was her client prior to the opening of her shop downtown Weyburn. Even when she was working from her home, she always made me feel welcome and gave me fabulous nails- even though I am a severe nail biter. Given the state of my nail beds, she was always so accommodating and would squeeze me in for frequent fixes (even when I ate them off LOL)

When her business moved uptown, I became a sugar client as well. I was nervous as I had never had any hair removal properly done in the bikini zone, but Tessa was nothing but professional and made the experience easy for Me! I continued to seek sugaring as a form of hair removal when I moved back home to Alberta.

Tessa pays attention to the small details when giving a set of nails that makes you hold your hand away from your body and admire the fun, sassy, and expertly done design right up until your next appointment. I have been going to nail techs all over alberta and British columbia since being a steady client of Tessa's, and it is hard To find a tech to compare to her edgy and pioneer like nails. When I see a set of nails shared on Tessa's wall, I see a similar set in fashion on Instagram and other social media sites afterwards.

Tessa made me fall in love with my hands again, which as a biter I grew to hate. Thanks Tessa! Can't wait to get in your chair again!!!